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 © 2013 AXIS Casterboarding LLC. All Rights Reserved. All content is property of AXIS Casterboarding and it's members and may not be used for promotional or personal use without the expressed written consent of AXIS Casterboarding. Any and All content is moderated and maintained and may be removed, altered, or deleted if it is found to be offensive, solicitous, or vulgar to anyone in anyway. "Spamming" and "Spam" accounts will be deleted immediately, this website is for member's content and should not be used to advertise or solicit any members without expressed written concent from AXIS and executed through the proper channels. The AXIS Casterboard is currently Patent Pending. AXIS Casterboarding was created by some of the first Wave board (by Street Surfing) Pros back in 2009. Riding any Caster board, Waveboard, Ripstik, Timberwolf, or any variation is a dangerous activity. You assume all risk by participating in such a dangerous activity and should use proper protective gear at all times. Team AXIS and it's riders are professionals and still get hurt. Be safe and Keep ridin', Keep rockin'!